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Individual & Team

Graphical Analysis

Our team of analysts gives an extra effort to properly visualize and analyse individual and team performance.
The most important statistics, gathered all-in-one to help you gather all the key facts.

Some Facts

About the Analysis

Football analysis has many dimensions to consider.
Among them are the performance measurements – physiological and physical parameters.
Next, we have technical parameters, such as goals scored, passes completed, or ball possession.
Another important factor is the tactical performance and the playing style of the player or the team.

Team analysis Liam McCartan
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Key Takeaways

Every Match is Different

In the end, performance and its indicators will be considered with paying attention to other situational variables; home/away match, game period or opponent quality.
Professional teams have a specific tactic and performance indexes (KPI’s) for each specific match, time, opponent and location!
Each player, position and match can be closely analyzed and provides insights in a world of its own.

What Do We Use

For our Analysis?

We’re partnered with AnalysisPro, a performance analysis consultancy who have solutions to enable everyone to ShootAnalyse and Share.
AnalysisPro helped us to find the best tools for our team of analysts.
The popular and comprehensive Nacsport video analysis software allows us to dive deeper into every performance.
We tag games with our own customised templates and generate visual statistical dashboards, highlight videos with KlipDraw telestrations and lots of different data exports.

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