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The entrance to English Premier league has never been easier. We have the ability to place you in the ranks of the Nationals or the Premiership.
We have partners and scouts worldwide. If you wish to be scouted by us, fill out the player application by clicking on the link below.

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Teenage player shoots a football

Our professional service provides our partner Colleges with a full and complete player profile and professional consultancy throughout.

LIVE Scouting  ✔️
Professional Scout Reports  ✔️
Individual Promotion to 800+ Colleges  ✔️
High Performance GPS Analysis Reports  ✔️
1-1 Coaching  ✔️
Full Fitness Testing  ✔️
Professional Video and Highlight Package  ✔️
SAT/ACT Guidance  ✔️
Full logistical and Visa Clearance  ✔️

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