England Scouting

Pro-Scout3 are the football scouting provider to 4-4-2 Sports Management, AC Perugia International Project and VilaSports.
Our aim is to help identify some of the worlds best footballing talent for our partners with an approach that is personal and professional.
We aim to ensure all parties are happy with Pro-Scout3 recruitment process

Pro-Scout3 are recruiting players from Ireland and abroad to help those to wish to play football and study for a degree in the US.

Our service provides our partner Colleges with a full and complete player profile and professional consultancy with those Colleges to help complete their move to the United States.

Ireland Scouting

Work & Travel.ie

Pro-Scout3 are partnered with Work&Travel.ie. This partnership supplements our service with fully legal and ready-to-use USA, Canada and Austalia visas.
Work&Travel.ie is an amazing platform for exploring your abroad study opportunities.

College Football

We are recruiting players who express a desire to study in the USA and play football at the same time.
As part of our service, Pro-Scout3 will LIVE Scout players.
Our approach is technical and personal to the players, who will have a player profile created.

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Included are as follows :
• LIVE Scouting and Professional Scout Reports
• Professional Consultancy
• Individual Promotion to Associate Colleges – Columbia State And University of • Alabama, Birmingham
• High-Performance GPS Analysis
• 1-1 Coaching
• Full Fitness Testing  & Analysis
• Video Highlight Package

Pro-Scout3 is providing professional Individual, Match and opposition analysis, Player highlights for managers and promotional highlight videos.

We provide:
• Video Highlights
• Tactical analysis
• Individual or team analysis
• Coaching sessions

Video Analysis