Phil Trill- NEXT GEN SERIES INTERVIEW by Dylan O’Connell

Phil Trill’s pathway into COACHING has brought him right through the Galway and District League and into the underage League of Ireland.

The UEFA A LICENCE holder, who also runs a resource network for players and coaches called Coacheile, is currently Head Coach for the Galway Women’s u17 team and has previously worked with the Galway United u13 team, and Knocknacarra in the Galway and District League.

Phil: “I started COACHING at u10 level when I was fifteen at Corrib Rangers,” Phil told PRO-SCOUT 3.

Phil: “I was getting over an injury so I spent my time picking up cones. I really started getting into things with summer camps. I learned how to manage groups and how to get the kids to enjoy themselves. When I was eighteen I took over the Corrib Rangers team in the same season I was playing for the Galway United u19s.”

Phil: “I was playing under the now Galway senior manager Alan Murphy. He thought me a lot about managing and how to coach. His passion and hard work ethic was instilled into me. I learned a lot from him.”

Phil: “I later went to Salthill United who were playing in the Galway District League. I was working with their u16 team. I had some fantastic managers there who helped me transition into COACHING for an elite level.”

Phil: “They forced me to learn and to learn at a pace. We lost one league in the season which was the league semi final. It was a real nice environment to learn in.”

Phil: “I finished my B License in 2017 and my A Licence in 2019. I was COACHING both with Galway United and Galway Women’s FC last year, but I’m focusing on the female team this year.”

In recent seasons, the west coast of Ireland has been known as a hot spot for footballing talent with the likes of Republic of Ireland international Aaron Connolly and Dundalk FC striker Patrick Hoban all coming from Galway. This conveyer belt of footballing stars from the west is something Phil wants to see continue.

Phil: “Our talent pool in Galway is phenomenal. Speaking in terms of the girls game, last year out of the twenty girls in our squad 63% of them played internationally. That is just phenomenal. That is something that we really took pride in.”

Phil: “In the men’s game, we haven’t gotten the international recognition yet. With full time academies in England it is a harder push to be recognised. But, the young talent in Galway is really starting to com through. Just look at the players breaking into Alan Murphy’s senior team. Last year the u19 Galway United team lost the league final to Waterford FC. That whole team is now pushing on to play senior.”

When he is working with his u17 squad, Phil works with four core values to ensure success at Galway Women’s FC.

Phil: “I define myself in four values based on leadership, love, learning, and laughter. With leadership, we want leaders on the pitch who will take control. Love is about caring for my players to make sure that they are looked after. When it comes to learning, we want to focus on the player’s their cognitive development and decision making instead of teaching them skills. Laughter is about them enjoying their training sessions.”

Phil: “The crucial thing for me is that the squad works like a family. Three of our squad where in a musical and we all went to it as a squad. Seven of our players got to an All-Ireland final and the rest of the squad went to watch the game.”

Phil: “Those four pillars shape my METHODOLOHY for working with the team, the COACHING staff, and their families.”

Phil is currently counting down the days to the return of football after the COVID-19 pandemic, with a possible date still to be decided by the FAI.

Phil: “I found working through the pandemic okay,” he said, “I found the first few weeks very tumultuous over the uncertainty. I took a step back and said I will use this as a time to grow as a coach. We had played a long preseason up until the shut down and we were looking very good for the new season.”

Phil: “To work with the shut down, we set tasks for the team, such as 4km challenges. Right now we are letting the squad take a break.”

Phil: “The girls now have a quiz every Monday held by a different member of the squad. We also had a yoga session for the team. There was a baking competition too for the squad. This week had bingo. We want to keep that sense of togetherness and family.”