Jason Brown Interview Eoin Donovan

It cannot be questioned how imbedded Jason Brown is to local football in Cork. In his work as chairman of the Cork Womens and Schoolgirls Soccer League and Director of Coerver Coaching Munster he works tirelessly building structures and programs for hundreds of players.

In a wide-ranging interview with Pro-Scout 3, Brown talks about his role at the CWSSL and his work with Coerver Coaching.

Jason: “In simple terms with the CWSSL, I am part of the committee that are working to promote and develop the participation of women and girls playing soccer in Cork. This also involves working with all stakeholders such as players, coaches, clubs, the FAI, and sponsors  to help everyone involved to achieve their full potential in the sport, regardless of age or ability.”

Jason: “The league works closely with the FAI Development Officers and Representative Team Managers to ensure that we are kept abreast with future plans and developments. Our primary focus is the development of the whole league and then within that can we have a strong record of helping our players go on to player at LOI and international levels.”

In addition to his work with the CWSSL, Brown’s work with Coerver Coaching sees him in charge of 250 coaches and 3,000 kids.

Jason: “Since 2012 I have been the Director of Coerver Coaching Munster, which is a global organisation. I am responsible for the implementation of all Coerver Coaching projects in the Munster region. It is part of the Coerver EMEA group which is in over 30 countries.”

Jason: “My week tends to be quite diverse as I am working on a variety of long and short term projects. The majority of my time will be spent working on our own Performance Academy programs and our Partner Clubs. Every week through the two programs we cater for in excess of 3000 players & over 250 coaches. So a lot of my week will be spent working to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. There are some exciting longer-term projects with Adidas who are a global partner with Coerver Coaching and Coerver operations to offer Pro Club Tours to the likes of Juventus. Overall, the role is quite varied but very rewarding helping both players and coaches to be the best they possibly can be.”

Jason: “Since 1984 Coerver Coaching has been at the forefront of grassroots soccer development by developing a system that teaches individual teaching coaching within small group settings. In Munster our sessions cater for boys & girls up from age 6 to 14 and our methods will be used in many top professional clubs and federations worldwide. Coerver Coaching has evolved over the last 36 years to be now recognised as The World’s No 1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method. The sessions are designed to complement club and FAI training sessions with no conflicting instructions around tactics or formation, we only focus on the individual player’s development. Simply to help every player to be the best they can be.”