We are an independent Scouting and Recruitment Service.

The process of players being identified to play professional football is changing every day.
We have perfected it. Your dreams are our goals!

We offer transparent services, all while respecting the player’s privacy with a professional approach to all players wishing to play professional football in England, Spain & Italy.

In addition, Access to 2000+ Colleges in the USA ensures we are the Premier Recruitment agency for players wishing to study for a degree and play football.

Our independent analysts provide a bespoke analysis service. From Match Analysis, Opposition Analysis and more, our professional Pro-Scout3 analysts are ready to take you to the next level.

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Scouting & Recruitment

We are professional football scouting provider to multiple agencies in England, Spain and Italy. Our aim is to help identify some of the worlds best male and female footballing talents for our partners. Our approach is personal, professional and fully transparent.

USA Scholarships

We are the Premier global recruitment agency for talented boys and girls who wish to study for a degree and play football in the USA. With access to 800+ colleges and multiple partnerships, our professional approach will help our clients achieve their dreams.

Video Analysis

We provide bespoke player, team and match analysis. We use modern video analysis techniques and have strong attention to detail to provide you with the best graphical analysis reports.

USA College Soccer Recruitment

Pro-Scout3 are recruiting male and female athletes wishing to study for a degree and play College soccer in the USA.
Our professional service provides our partner Colleges with a full and complete player profile and professional consultancy throughout.

LIVE Scouting  ✔️
Professional Scout Reports  ✔️
Individual Promotion to 2000+ Colleges  ✔️
High Performance GPS Analysis Reports  ✔️
1-1 Coaching  ✔️
Full Fitness Testing  ✔️
Professional Video and Highlight Package  ✔️
SAT/ACT Guidance  ✔️
Full logistical and Visa Clearance  ✔️

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Shannon Guildea

Player Review

The engagement from the dedicated team in the initial discussion and player reviews to signing has been extremely professional.
Player welfare, parent input, projected opportunity and development advice ensured Pro-Scout3 live the elite agency they communicate as their vision and values.